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At The Yard Season 2: Episode 4 with Wizdom Layne

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In this latest episode, Matt & Lucy sit down with Managing Director of Tileyard Impact, Wizdom Layne.

Wizdom discusses his start in the music industry from studying at The Brit School then as a founding member of hip hop collective Green Jade. The group formed in the early ’90s and released several well-received albums. The took a strong anti-violence message into schools with their revolutionary Gunz Down project.

Wizdom went on to work as the Arts Director for XLP, a registered charity at the cutting edge of urban youth work in the U.K from 2010 – 2017. In 2013 he founded How 2 Make A Living, an Entertainment Management, Events and Consulting Business that he created to develop young talent, through artist management, booking, training and consultancy.

In Sep 2017 he joined Tileyard Education as a Community Engagement Manager before founding Tileyard Impact in April 2019. Tileyard Impact provides a local entry point for those (primarily) from disadvantaged backgrounds from communities close to Tileyard London in Kings Cross and other City & Provincial Property sites; those studying (creative practice) in schools, youth clubs, colleges and/or University, who otherwise lack a means to access to the creative industries and it’s associated networks; who are predominately aged between 16-25.

You can listen to the full episode here

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