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At The Yard: Episode 6 With Nick Keynes

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In this week’s episode hosts Lucy Macieira and Matt Williams sit down with Nick Keynes, Managing Director of Tileyard London. 

Nick walks us through his early career in music, having signed not one but two record deals, setting up production company Gold Dust, working with the likes of Bryan Adams and Kylie Minogue and now his role in shaping Europe’s largest creative hub.

Nick also talks about the build and growth of London’s most exciting independent music community, and how it all began with co-founders Paul Kempe and Michael Harwood. Nick is vital to the continuing development of Tileyard London and offers insightful, often humorous and, more importantly, honest anecdotes about the music business.

For our emerging artist feature, we showcase Adam Wedd, a Masters student studying Commercial Songwriting & Production at Tileyard Education and his fantastic new single “Shipwrecks” 

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