Tileyard Education Principle, Martyn Ware, has recently been accepted on the board of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers, and Authors (BASCA). Martyn Ware is a successful and award-winning producer, composer, songwriter, and artist. This year at Tileyard Education, in addition to his title of Principle, he will be overlooking the MA Commercial Music Producer program as a lecturer.

BASCA prides itself on “celebrating, supporting and protecting the professional interests of all writers of music”. Members include, Elton John, Florence and the Machine, and the composer Rachel Portman. Martyn is of six people on the board of BASCA. The board looks over the Jazz, Classical, Media, and Songwriter committees.

BASCA offers it’s members various collaborations and networking opportunities as well as fostering a sense of community within the music business for veterans as well as newcomers. They represent all genres of music and writing in the UK. BASCA works hard to ensure that their members are taken care of and looked after in the music business. They offer self-promotion, marketing, peer advice, and numerous collaborative opportunities for their members. The organization “celebrates excellence” and “provides services and informs members in a constantly changing environment”.

Mr. Ware is ecstatic to have been elected to the board for BASCA. The organization has developed a programme called Academic Supporter Programme “to build closer ties with British music education institutions”. They work with numerous universities across the UK. Martyn believes “BASCA is the leading artist representation group in the UK”. He hopes, “as a new board member…to grow a younger membership”. In the future, he discusses a possible affiliation with Tileyard Education. Martyn is “very happy to encourage Tileyard Education students to engaged in BASCA’S work and ideally become members and join the good fight”.

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