It’s a fact: the music industry is not the easiest industry to find a job in – we hear it time and time again. And often, when your inbox is stashing a selection of rejection emails, with no real or constructive feedback, it is easy to start to feel like it’ll never happen. The discontent starts to kick in, and you continue to pursue the “in-between job” whilst waiting for your music-miracle.

However, that ‘state of discontent’ is a mindset rather than a reality, and we believe everyone deserves their dream job, so we’ve compiled a list of ‘insider tips’ to get you one step closer to reaching your #jobgoals.

The music landscape is ever-changing and so being adaptable is key! Follow our tips and you should be on your way to your perfect job in no time.

Be CONCISE. Think about the amount of job applications the company you are applying for are likely to receive, you need to be able to stand out. You also need to be able to capture the attention of your new employer within seconds. So when attaching a cover letter with a CV (we recommend you always do this, even if the company doesn’t ask for a cover letter), make that first paragraph count. Begin your cover letter by praising their business, and your attraction to them, then you can start selling yourself.

Be CONSCIOUS. By conscious, we mean, tapping into your intuition when you meet your future employer. Body language and eyes tell you everything you need to know. Listen attentively to the questions you’re being asked, it will help you to deliver responses that are both professional and personable.

Be CONFIDENT. When talking to your future employer about why you are the best fit for the role, say it with conviction, and mean it. Remember, the only space between you and your employer is the table in front of you.

Do your RESEARCH. Make sure you are well rehearsed on the mechanics of the job you’re applying for, as well as the history and operations of the business. The more you know, the more you can relate your skills to the delivery. Imagine yourself in the role, and how you’d apply yourself in an everyday setting, with the tasks at hand. This will keep the interview more fluid.

Dress to IMPRESS. It only takes your interviewer 7 seconds to make their first impression. So we recommend dressing smart-casual, you’re applying for a job in an office, not a bank. Dress how you’d dress as if you were already working there, and don’t overthink it.

Got CONTACTS? Name-dropping can certainly get you ahead in the music industry. If you don’t have any industry contacts lined up ready in your address book, that really doesn’t matter. You can still name drop at the interview, by background checking the important people in their business. Talk about what you like about those people, from the research you’ve collated. Contacts really aren’t everything.

Don’t be afraid of INTERNSHIPS. We know it’s sometimes a dismal reality, the thought of working for free, but all good businesses will cover your expenses. If your day job is making it difficult, and you can only afford to spare one day, that’s good enough. We always recommend a written document, that states your tasks, and keeps your role, and time within the company clear. Some of the most valuable experience in the industry comes with learning on the job, and being reactive. Take every opportunity to learn, and you’ll be on your way to career-heaven before you know it!

Sign up to music-industry specific JOB SITES. After trialling and testing a few, we recommend Music Match. Most big music employers list here, and you can upload your CV for employers to have a glance at too. They have the richest database of industry contacts out of any other job site. You do have to pay a small fee for a subscription, but we think it’s totally worth it!

Get EDUCATED. Another way to get noticed when applying for jobs, is by getting an industry-led postgraduate degree. We highly recommend our very own MA Music Business. Learning in a setting like Tileyard Studios comes with great benefits. You’ll learn all about the music industry, whilst networking in the largest professional community in Europe. Imagine, your tutors, peers and mentors are the people you would like to work for, it’s the perfect merging of 2 worlds. Postgraduate degrees help you to stand out too.

Follow our tips and you’ll be on your way to landing yourself the right job for you! If there are anymore ‘Industry Insiders’ you’d like to see, or specific job-related questions email us at