Nicola Aliotta, or ‘Nixo’ has been working towards his dream of being a performer since the first time he appeared on a television show in Italy. The 27-year-old performed on the show “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” when he was just fifteen years old. He describes it as his first big experience in the music business. The show was featured on an Italian channel that rivals in popularity to BBC One.

Two years later, the Rome native applied and was accepted to X Factor Italy. Nicola got to the final stages of the competition, making it on to the live shows. X Factor was a learning curve for the singer – he explains: It wasn’t a great experience, they pushed me to sing only Italian based songs, and I prefer English. He felt he lost control of his creative freedom over his own image. “They wanted me to follow their suggestions, and I had an idea for my own brand. When he reflects back on those days, he says: I was 17/18, I don’t think I was prepared musically or mentally for that experience, but it helped me grow. I came back with thicker skin and a better knowledge of the music industry“.

After he graduated from his undergrad in Italy, Nicola made what he thought was a temporary move to London in the Summer of 2017. I attended a 10-week course in music writing at Point Blank Music College, after the course, I decided I couldn’t leave London”. He’s been here ever since.

He applied to the MA Commercial Songwriting and Production course at Tileyard Education. When it came down to why TYE, he explains: Tileyard Education is in the hub of the music industry, the connections you can make through attending are priceless. I wanted to be both a musician and a student, Tileyard Education allowed me that opportunity”.

Through trials and tribulations in the early years of his career, Nicola always went back to why he sang: Music is a form of liberation and freedom for me. It is my passion and nothing will deter me from that”.

On the back of that, Nicola self-released his first single “Wild Wild West” produced by another Tileyard Education alumnus James Lewis. The single, which was released on Spotify in October already has close to 250,000 streams and has been played on over twenty-five radio stations.

By self-releasing, I have learned so much about what it takes to be successful in music. It has absolutely helped my knowledge of the business and allowed me to take control of my own brand“.

In the coming months, you can find Nicola performing around London, in the studio, and prepping for his third single release.

We’re looking forward to what the future holds for Nixo!

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