For our next A&R Session we welcome Tileyard residents and the entire team of AUTONOMY Music Group. They manage the likes of FEEDER (and have done for over 20 years) as well as design custom built campaigns for independent acts, enabling them to access the industry making connections with major labels (they recently helped Wildwood Kin get signed to Sony). Other branches of the business include partnering with Communion Music (since 2010) and they’ve just celebrated their 10 year anniversary so they must be doing something right – We can’t wait to pick their brains for insights and useful tips!

In their own words, “We recognise that every project is unique and requires special attention. We have over 40 years’ relevant experience picked up from our time at major and independent labels, managing artists, and promoting shows, working alongside some of the music industry’s biggest players. We are all music lovers who are not afraid of telling it like it is to get the very best out of our clients.”

We’ll be in conversation with Autonomy, followed by a live A&R playback session. Please bring your files on a mobile phone device, USB or via a web link.

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