Ultimate Youtuber Weekend


Ultimate Youtuber Weekend

Learn how to get to 100,000 subscribers in less than 1 year!

An exciting and practical weekend course, taught by YouTube industry experts So Incredible Talent(Charlie Sloth, Yiannimize) and Exonia(Morgz), designed to help artists, businesses and brands to grow and monetise their YouTube channels.

In a single weekend, you will learn everything you need to know to start and run a successful YouTube channel, including optimisation tips, growth hacks and get to network with other up and coming YouTubers.

Day 1

Different Types of Video
• Overview of the different types of videos you could make from “reaction” and “unboxing” to “vlogging” and sketch comedy
• Explaining Fair Use Policy for reaction & review videos

Optimising Your Channel
• Importance of Titles, Description, Tags and Thumbnails
• Channel Trailers & Cards
• 3rd party tools you need to know about

Growing & Monetizing Your Channel
• Importance of Upload schedule
• Marketing tips
• Collaborating with other Youtubers

Video Production Basics
• What cameras & mics?
• Best lighting practices
• Editing
• Sourcing music for your videos

Day 2

A practical day where you will be divided into groups and apply what you’ve learned from Day 1, brainstorming ideas, scripting, filming, editing and uploading to YouTube.

About the teachers;

Ara Bozadjian (So Incredible Talent Management)

Ara has been working on YouTube since 2006. His expertise is in social media strategies, youtube optimisation and branded content. He has provided youtube consultancy for The Sun, Dave, Channel4, BBC iPlayer and WallOfComedy. Currently, he oversees the following Youtube channels; Charlie Sloth, Yiannimize, Mim Shaikh(BBC 1Xtra) and Jump Off TV. He is responsible for over 1billion views.

Jack Saunders (Exonia Multi-Channel Network)

Jack has worked on YouTube since 2012 and founded Exonia, a Multi-Channel Network representing 450 creators with over 38 million subscribers, who generated 2.8 billion video views last year. Jack oversees the management and guidance of these creators who include Morgz, Alex Brooks, Sam Chui, Brackeys and Red Reserve. He has also worked on brand campaigns for EE, Mattel, Nokia, PlayStation, LG, and Kingston.


New Dates TBC
Location: Tileyard Studios, London N7

Course fee: £290

This course is open to anyone of any age and experience level.

Equipment will be provided but you may want to bring you mobile phone as this is an essential tool for capturing video content.