How To Produce Great Pop Records: Deconstructing The Tune “RED” with Paul Whalley


How To Produce Great Pop Records: Deconstructing The Tune “RED” with Paul Whalley

From touring with Mumford & Sons & Ellie Goulding to featuring on #1 pop tracks such as Shout Out To My Ex by Little Mix, Paul Whalley is a true musician with a hugely diverse sound. 

In this course, Paul lets us in to his studio at Tileyard in London and breaks down a song called “Red”, with the singer Emmi Green.

By the end of the session, you’ll understand how to structure and arrange the main parts and hooks of a song. You’ll also have seen practical examples of how to build the drum track, bass track, synths, effects, ambients and vocals in your DAW and what plugins and what settings Paul uses to create his sound.

In ‘How to Produce Great Pop Records’ you’ll get the opportunity to use what you’ve learnt to improve your own productions and submit one to Paul for his personal feedback.

Specifically, Paul:

-Starts with identifying what the main parts and hooks are of the song what role they play in the overall composition

-Looks at the writing process, explains the arrangement and analyzes a few rejected versions of the track

-Takes apart all the sections and parts of the song: drum track, bass track, synths, effects and ambients, and vocals

-Explains the mastering process, and what he does to get the track polished and ready for radio play, managers, A&R guys, clients or artists

This is a great course for anyone who wants to get better at writing killer pop tunes, with tons of hands on examples and inspiration that will up your game on any DAW – Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase.


For £28 you get:

All stems for the tune “Red”
Project files to work in Pro Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live
On-demand lifetime access to all lessons
Personal feedback from Paul on your own production
Available on desktop, mobile and tablet
100% satisfaction guarantee