Logic Pro: Advanced


Logic Pro: Advanced

A 2-day, weekend Logic Pro Advanced course delivered by Dov Waterman (Terminator Genisys, After Earth, Face Off) at Tileyard Studios, King’s Cross.

Day 1

Environment and workflow
• The single window environment
• Interface customisation and templates
• Midi controllers and control surfaces
• Advanced audio setup and signal flow

Rhythm and Beat Programming
• Sound generators and step sequencing with Ultrabeat
• The loop browser
• Virtual Drummer
• Groove quantise

Synthesis and sound design
• Synthesiser basics overview
• Designing sounds using Retro Synth
• ES2- matrix/ vector modulation
• Sample based instruments and sample libraries- Exs24
• Sample manipulation with Alchemy
• Sculpture- Acoustic modelling and sound design

Programming and arrangement
• Understanding common chord progression
• Utilising Logic’s MIDI fx engines
• Exploring the Scale Quantize function

Advanced Audio and Midi editing
• Midi transform
• Hyper draw
• Arrangement editing features
• Comping
• Stretching/ compressing pitch
• Flex time, Flex pitch
• Rubato passages and using beat maps
• Fixing clicks and pops in Audio file editor
• Repairing drums with Marquee transient
• Editing with mixer groups

Day 2

The writing process
• Tempo and time
• Sketching out a rhythm section
• Choosing instruments
• Working out harmony /melody
• The Top line
• Arrangement and track building techniques
• Alternative arrangements

Writing to picture
• The video timeline
• Synchronisation
• Tempo and time signature changes
• Arrangement/ spotting markers
• Importing Media
• Creating a score
• Exporting Audio to movie

Mixing concepts and the final stages
• Managing the mix- pre planning, production notes, and track labelling
• Creating a balanced mix
• Side chain fx
• pre and post channel strip sends
• incorporating external fx
• Automation editing and Smart controls
• Exporting stems and the final mix
• Collaboration

About Dov Waterman

Dov is a classically trained pianist and production music composer. He has co-written and produced music with Indie Music Award nominated Naama Hillman and fellow composer and BAFTA Juror Rhett Brewer.

Dov now writes music and sound design for a handful of publishers working within the film and TV advertising industry both in the UK and the US. Recent trailer credits include sound design and composition for Terminator Genisys (Paramount/Skydance), After Earth (Sony Pictures), Face Off (SYFY), Legend quest (SYFY), The Quiet Ones (Hammer Film Productions), As Above So Below (Legendary Pictures), Bioshock (2K Games) and Transformers-The Last Knight (Paramount Pictures).

Dov is also an audio editor and sound designer and over the past few years edged more towards the very detailed, and often overlooked, realm of sample library production and development where he has been pushing the boundaries of the technology and tools available to composers and producers.


Price: £595.00
Dates: Sat 19 + Sun 20 May 2018
Time: 10am – 6pm
Location: Tileyard Studios, King’s Cross

Applicants for this Advanced course need to be proficient in the fundamentals of operating Logic Pro (recording, production and mixing).

This course also includes an invite to attend an A&R Masterclass with Dov Waterman where students can playback original works for advice and constructive feedback.