Build a Track in a Day with Logic Pro


Build a Track in a Day with Logic Pro

Olly “Devils Gun” Goodman (Example, Sam Sparro, Ed Sheeran) hosts a practical weekend course at Tileyard Studios for anyone with zero to beginner experience to understand the basics of production software and learn how to build an original track in a day! Highly recommended for anyone looking to jump into commercial pop music writing.

This course also includes an invite to attend an A&R Masterclass with Olly where students can playback original works for advice and constructive feedback!

Day 1

Setting up Logic, taking a look at the interface
• Connecting controllers and audio interfaces
• Signal flow in Logic
• What is Audio? Working with apple loops and other recorded material.
• What is MIDI? Programming beats and melodies

Workflow and functions
• The single window concept
• Navigation and the various control bars and editors
• Speeding up workflow with key commands
• Arrangement tools
• The Library

Introduction to Logic’s instruments
• The EXS24 and sampling
• Creating and programming your own samples
• Logic’s synthesizers and their diverse functions
• Virtual Drummer and Ultrabeat- Logic’s rhythm section
• Creating and saving your own sounds

Audio / midi editing and manipulation
• Midi editing and creating realistic sounding parts
• Quantisation and groove manipulation
• Midi transform functions
• Time stretching, tempo manipulation and beat mapping
• Logic’s audio FX
• Logic’s midi FX and Smart controls

Day 2

Music theory principles and programming
• Understanding chord structure and Keys
• Common progressions and musical genres
• Using Logic’s MIDI fx to create movement in a track

Track building and arrangement techniques
• Creative layering of instruments and samples
• Adding instrumentation and building harmonies
• Working with vocals and comping takes
• Defining your sound and building your track

Mixing and finishing your music
• Balancing your sound
• Dynamics and EQ
• Automation
• Exporting your mix
• Collaboration and marketing

About Olly Goodman

Olly Goodman is the man behind Devils Gun. He began writing music at the impressionable age of 14 working with drum & bass legends Micky Finn & Aphrodite, quickly releasing his own tracks through various labels to great success and nationwide radio play.

On return from a messy boy’s holiday in Ibiza, he found radio support for his first house bootleg (a remix of Lionel Riche’s All Night Long) from Radio 1’s Chris Moyles who championed the mix for over 2 months ensuring daily airplay. He soon found himself a go to remixer for artists as diverse as Lionel Richie to New Order.

Olly wanted more so he and a friend decided to start a band and focus on creating something so unique and devastating that it was impossible to ignore. Devils Gun was formed! Tours ensued and the band hit the festival circuit playing venues ranging from the Glastonbury East Dance tent to V Festival, the Isle of Wight to Get Loaded in the Park where they found themselves supporting 2 Many Djs among others. Later the boys gigged with now world famous singer/rapper Example. From this friendship came their biggest remix to date – Example’s – Watch the Sun Come Up. With over 2 million YouTube views they quickly found themselves inundated with remix requests from some of the world’s biggest artists and bands wanting the Devils’ unique touch and heavy electro sound on their tracks.

Olly now writes sharp-edged forward thinking pop songs which brought him to the notice of Notting Hill Publishing. Most recently Olly has been the official producer for the rapper / pop star Example writing his new album over the last 6 months & also celebrating Radio 1 song of the week for a track he co-wrote for Julian Perretta – Tied Up. Last year saw his first number 1 single and world number 1 album with the lead single ‘Paradox’ from Arashi album ‘Love’. Other cuts involve Mike Posner, Sam Sparro and writing original material with Ed Sheeran & Blake Lewis.


Dates: TBC

Time: 10am–6pm
Location: Tileyard Studios, London N7

Course fee: £335

No prior understanding of Logic Pro is required for this course but if you want to send through any links to examples of your work this will help map individual tuition.