• Tileyard Education are delighted to partner with Spitfire Audio to offer students access to the incredible range of virtual instruments in the world. In addition, Spitfire have joined our Bursary Scheme to offer one MA student a full scholarship to cover their entire study fees. Spitfire Audio sponsored Haula last year. Read more on Haula and Spitfire here.

    Spitfire produces the finest virtual instruments from the finest musical samples in the world. It is a beacon of quality not just for its own productions but the endorsements it offers to third-party sample developers and fellow sound smiths it goes into production partnerships with. At the heart of Spitfire’s evolution is the greatest recorded selection of orchestral samples on the planet thus far, alongside a recent expansion in scope to cover all areas of the music spectrum.

    Spitfire was set up by a British group of composers, sound smiths, producers, engineers and technologists wanting to revolutionise sampling and bring it back to the centre of the music industry. Like any new music technology from radio to synthesisers, sampling was perceived as a threat to music making and music makers. Spitfire is at the vanguard of changing that opinion – Spitfire’s main goal is to promote British music making the world over whilst (via an ever-growing distribution chain) distributing royalties to its contributors (musicians, engineers, technicians, artists and producers) based on sales.

    More on Spitfire Audio here.

  • CEO and Founder of Key Production, Karen Emmanuel has already contributed £2,500 towards one of our student’s course fees during 17/18. Karen will be supporting another student for 18/19 with another £2,500. Karen is looking to sponsor one “woman in music“.

    Mastering your craft takes time. Founded in 1990, Key Production have been perfecting vinyl pressing, CD manufacturing, DVD replication and special packaging through peerless project management to consistently deliver, within budget and to a deadline, beautifully realised product for the music and media industries.

    Fiercely independent, Key answer to their clients only – a standpoint nurtured and cherished since their founding, and considered a core asset of the company.

    Over many years the relationships Key’s experienced staff has developed with trusted suppliers, both in the UK and worldwide, have allowed them to negotiate, establish, monitor and maintain the best available quality, value and service for our clients.

    In 2011 a merger with luxury packaging specialist Think Tank Media expanded expertise, enabling delivery of an even wider array of bespoke products and tailored project management services.

    More on why Karen wants to support one woman in music here.

    More on Key Production here.

  • Tileyard Music work closely with Tileyard Education in delivering tutoring and hosting masterclasses. But this year Tileyard Music excitingly announced they will be providing one £2,500 bursary to one student on our MA Music Industry Entrepreneurship course. 

    Tileyard Music represents Ella Eyre, Tiggs Da Author, Sigala, Imani Williams, Jones, Lyra, Sabella and Albuquerque under management. Tileyard writers include Alex Davies, Alex Elliot, Marli Harwood, Michael Harwood, Lorenzo Cosi, HUMN, Michael Angelo and Danny Shah.

    The Tileyard Music team includes Michael Harwood, Charlie Arme, Jason Sharpe, Nick Keynes, George Corton, Victoria Becks and Matthew Rumbold.

    Most recently, ‘Say You Do’ the single by Sigala featuring DJ Fresh and Tileyard managed Imani went to no.5 in the UK Official Charts, following his recent no.3 single ‘Sweet Lovin’. Sigala’s next single featuring John Newman and Nile Rodgers is now available worldwide, co-written by Tileyard, published by Steve Manovski.

    More on Tileyard Music here.

  • Focusrite will be providing one MA student with a generous £2,500 towards their course fees.

    Focusrite believe in enriching people’s lives through music, and are proud to play their part in such a massive endeavour.

    Focusrite also believe it’s the job of an audio interface to sit between you and your sound being shared with the world, and they are the best at making that happen.

    They provide the best interfaces in the world, and every single computer at Tileyard Education has one of these, as we believe our students deserve the best. Their easy to use interface means producers and songwriters can record with ease, and recieve the best sound quality at the same time.

    Focusrite are part of three sister brand all focused on the same thing, but in their own way.

    Focusrite Pro is our Pro division, focussed on the complex needs of the audio professional, for whom sound is not just a passion, but a way of life, and their living.

    Novation is obsessed with helping electronic music makers find new ways to produce and perform new electronic music.

    Born out of the Novation team and based in Tileyard, King’s Cross, London, Ampify challenge themselves everyday to make some really cool music-making apps that are super accessible, yet extendable and deep.

    More on Focusrite here.

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    MusicGurus are one of the best online music education platforms in the world.

    We’ve been working with MusicGurus for some time. Excitingly this year, MusicGurus announced they will be providing one student per Masters programme (that’s 3x bursaries) with unlimited access to their full range of online courses.

    MusicGurus work with some of best musicians in the world to share their skills, passion and know-how with you. Learn the secrets, habits and practice techniques that will take your playing to the next level.

    Their music courses offer a structured approach to learning new styles and techniques through a series of high-quality video lessons. All of their lessons feature HD video & sound, as well as helpful camera angles that allow you to see exactly how it’s played.

    More on MusicGurus here.