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Colourful, intriguing, and little kooky, ZoZo is a dream-pop artist and producer who grew up in Catalunya, Spain. Her first encounter with music and words started at a young age when she would write and tell stories in the forests surrounding her home. It wasn’t until ZoZo was 18 that she started writing songs when she bought a guitar the day she finished school. Moving to the UK soon after to pursue what had suddenly become an obsession with songwriting and music.

ZoZo started producing electronic synth based songs in her home studio, signalling the discovery of her constantly developing sound. Described as synth-dream pop with soundscape and cinematic elements like those of AURORA, Christine and the Queens, Lauv, Billie Eilish and Shura, her lyrics are a bit of an enigma capturing those moments in between the ordinary and the extraordinary, the real and imagined, platonic relationships and romance. ZoZo’s recent single ‘Close To Falling Asleep’ was premiered by Clash.

In June 2018 ZoZo took part in a writing camp in Nashville, one of the tracks has had some interest and is potentially being cut at the beginning of 2019. One of ZoZo’s soundscape instrumental pieces was part of Martyn Ware’s sound installations in Bath at the end of 2018. She’s currently writing and producing for her own project and for other artists. Some writers ZoZo has written with are Rob Davis, Steven Manovski and Charlie Westropp.