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Edward Butler

“Visual Artist and Music Man Edward F Butler, travelled around from a young age, growing up mostly in rural Norfolk. Finding out he had Dyspraxia, at seven he was sent to various after-school classes to figure out what unique set of skills he might have… after failed attempts at sports and drum lessons, he picked up the guitar, and was soon writing songs. He went to Art School in Manchester, ran events and designed for his friend’s bands, including PINS and ALT J. This lead to making an EP, directing a ballet and exhibiting at the Royal Academy.

The EP was featured on BBC Introducing, Radio 1 and 6 Music. Making friends in his home of Belfast, he was on the Oh Yeah Centre Scratch My Progress Scheme and quickly became a stalwart on the Northern Ireland Music Scene, winning Arts Council Awards and being nominated for Song Of The Year with his collaboration with Kitt Philippa, in 2015. Another EP in 2016 got him into the attention of Autonomy Music, Magikal Management and Alphabet Bands.

After a year travelling working with his favourite band LCON in Canada; he went to work for Yamaha Musical Instruments, but quickly decided that the artistic passion was still burning so hustled his way to Tileyard Education. An amazing move!

He met collaborators in Iceland & Sweden and developed an enigmatic live show, where he met Leo Zero producer, remixer. Soon becoming a mentor and collaborator. Since 2019, He has been, the host of the vinyl scratch. He is now the Alumni Co-Ordinator at Tileyard Education.