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Chloe Rona

Hailing from just outside London, Chloë Rona threw herself into music at a young age; pots and pans as a toddler, choirs at school and outside studying jazz flute, piano and singing. After school, she got a degree in Commercial Vocal Performance at BIMM London and currently doing her Masters in Songwriting and Production at Tileyard London. Music is Chloë’s language to communicate and express herself, turning life experiences into songs with brutal honesty and raw lyrics, but still capturing the feeling by melody and music. It hasn’t always been an easy road, but music has been her lifeblood since day one and is the only thing that makes her feel alive. Spent time in LA and has worked with producers across the world, drawing inspiration from every new connection made. F.I.A. and Bad Things have been her most successful songs to date; she plans to continue testing the waters and trying to break genre boundaries with every new track, but always true with soulful vocals and real lyrics.

Chloe is currently employed by Tileyard Education as a studio assistant and sound engineer.