Tileyard Education is pleased to announce the launch of the new Women In Music Bursary with Karen Emanuel, CEO and Founder of the music manufacturing company, Key Production.

Key Production was built from the ground up by Karen in 1990 out of the back office of Jungle Records and has been thriving ever since. Key Production has over 28 years of experience in vinyl pressing, CD manufacturing, DVD replication, merchandise, project management and bespoke packaging for the music (and other) industries. Although Karen started her career in music working for Rough Trade Distribution as a receptionist, her ambition boosted her quickly up the ranks, until she was promoted to Production Manager, it was from here she departed from Rough Trade and decided to set up Key.

We believe Karen is an exceptional example of how hard work teamed with an entrepreneurial spirit is a powerful recipe for success. Karen now runs the Key Production Group (made up of Key Production, Think Tank Creative, Breed Media and Modo Design and Production) between four offices for her ever-expanding team between London, Brighton and Sheffield, and has purchased an island in Nicaragua, where she has built and runs a sustainable hotel retreat.

In 2017, Karen was recognised for her contribution to music and was elected onto Music Week’sWomen In Music Roll of Honour’. The roll of honour was set up to recognise female innovators and game changers. As well as serving her time as one of the most influential women in UK Music, Karen is also focusing her attention on encouraging more women to apply for senior jobs in the music industry and would like to play a role in supporting women to succeed. She admitted to us in a recent interview:

 “It hasn’t been the easiest industry to be in as a woman, I want to encourage as many women as possible to get into the industry”

Last year Karen kindly supported one of our students, Desiree Banugo with a £2,500 bursary to assist her with her fees in MA Music Industry Entrepreneurship. Karen told us it was a rewarding and fruitful relationship for both mentor and mentee, and one that will continue after Desiree’s graduation;

 “Desiree is a fabulous woman, I just know she is going to be very successful, with job offers already pouring in, I look forward to keeping in touch with her and following her journey”.

This year, Karen has revealed she would like to support another ‘Woman In Music’ with another generous bursary of £2,500 towards their fees, under a new title, the ‘Key Production Women in Music Bursary’. Karen is on the look-out for another female entrepreneur with passion, drive and vision who she can nurture and support during their year of postgraduate study at Tileyard Studios. As part of the bursary, Karen will meet with her regularly with her awardee for support, encouragement and advice.

The Women In Music Bursary is open for 2018/19 applications, and all female applicants to the MA Music Industry Entrepreneurship programme will be automatically enrolled with a chance to win.

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