If you’re thinking about stepping up your career game in the music industry, a masters programme could be the right move for you.

The skills and qualities you develop during a masters degree will enhance your professional and musical CV, as well as help you to stand out in a highly competitive industry. Whether an artist, songwriter or producer, Tileyard Education could be the right place for you to take a major leap and commitment into refining your craft, and developing your true sound.

Tileyard Education is a bespoke university, offering at current, 3 masters programmes, to 20 students per course. Smaller numbers means smaller group lectures, attentive tutoring, and a greater opportunity to stand out.

But how do you pick the right course for you? One of the biggest questions our admissions team get asked is;

“How do I choose between MA Commercial Music Producer and MA Commercial Songwriting and Production?

So, we have compiled a list of hacks, stats and tips to enable you to make an empowered decision to pick the right course for you! The first question you need to ask yourself is, what do you see as your final destination/choice of career path?

Our MA Commercial Songwriting and Production course is developed for students looking to become professional songwriters, topliners or artists. During the course, you enrol in 3 pro-songwriting camps (one international) with peers and pro-writers to develop your creative writing skills and collaborative experience.

For the artists that just want to put themselves out there, this course is a great way to refine what you already have, with modules such as ‘Developing Voice and Style’ and ‘Writing to Brief’, you are encouraged to turn your attention to your own artistry, and build upon your existing strengths.

Songwriting camps are becoming the new industry standard for writing hits, quickly. So if you’re looking for a career as a songwriter, this is the course for you. You’ll quickly build up a portfolio of collaborative works and learn quickly how the pros write music through applying yourself to several writing exercises. As well as additional masterclasses, including sync sessions and weekly briefs, you’ll have lots of additional opportunities to develop and grow as a writer.

This course is not necessarily for students who are looking to become full-time producers. The production module exists within this programme to ensure all students are at a level of competency to record their own music efficiently. You’re taken through all the pro-tools programmes, and also offered additional masterclasses if you feel there is a desire to continue to build upon your production knowledge.

If you’re looking to become a pro-producer, sound engineer, studio manager, production director or sound designer, our MA Commercial Music Producer is the course for you. With modules led by established producers such as soundscape artist Martyn Ware, you’ll learn about contemporary production techniques, composing and arranging, and writing to brief. Producers on the course are also enrolled onto the same 3 songwriting camps as the songwriting students, giving them the opportunity to collaborate with pro-writers and producers, and become competent at responding to commercial and sync briefs.

Both courses include a 12-week module that covers the music industry landscape, with lots of networking opportunities with guest lecturers, as well as access to a range of masterclasses to help develop all skillsets. And most importantly, both courses are taught at Tileyard Studios London, the largest pro-music community in Europe. Interested in studying with us? Email ty-e@tileyarducation.co.uk today for our brand new prospectus or an application form!

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