“How can you greatly increase your chances of success in today’s rapidly-evolving music industry? On our new MA Music Business your knowledge will be continuously updated, featuring access to many of the industry’s leading experts and commercially successful music companies, covering the widest range of business skills and opportunities. You’ll have access to an inspired range of lecturers, build contacts who are already successful entrepreneurs and grow your network. 

As a person of ambition, I can honestly say that having been involved in the music industry for over 40 years, you are simply not going to find a concentration of experience like this in a traditional academic environment – in fact anywhere else that I’m aware of – this course represents an outstanding opportunity to forge a significant career in the ever-changing music industry and I strongly recommend you take a look.” Martyn Ware, Principal, Tileyard Education

Study modules, that have been designed to reflect the stakeholders and food chain of the music industry, include Creative Music Management, Economics, Lean Business Planning, Marketing, Legal and Business Affairs, Live Event Management and New Media Technology.

The MA is delivered at Tileyard Studios – the largest professional music community in Europe – and at the London Oval campus for UWTSD – home to the University’s business and MBA programmes.

All modules are taught by leading industry professionals using current and live case studies and the programme includes the opportunity to pitch your major business project to the Tileyard investment fund.

The programme also includes access to Tileyard’s regular large-scale networking events, professional masterclasses, one-to-one industry mentoring, work-based learning opportunities and unrivalled access to the annual social calendar of Tileyard Studios.

Applicants to our MA programmes are automatically included in a shortlist for Tileyard Education bursaries and scholarships. More details on bursaries and scholarships can be found our APPLY page FAQ section.

“Tileyard is where more music business happens in one location than anywhere else worldwide and I have first-hand experience with that. As a global international music publisher, Notting Hill Music is perfectly placed at Tileyard to connect with labels, artists, managers, producers and brands. Studying music business here is an absolute must!” John Saunderson, Notting Hill Music