Tileyard Education stems from the community built up by Tileyard Music and Tileyard Studios and all three are now integral to the thriving postgraduate training centre.

We have had publishing student success stories this year with the aid of the Tileyard Music team, and their commitment to helping expose talent that feeds through our courses is fundamental to the success of our students. But Tileyard Music founders Michael Harwood and Charlie Arme, have now decided to go one step further and announce the launch of a “Future Leaders Bursary”.

This academic year, Michael and Charlie will be selecting one MA Music Industry Entrepreneurship student and will gift them a bursary of £2,500 towards their course fees. In addition, the student will have regular contact and meetings with Tileyard Music during their year of study.

Every student that is successfully accepted onto the course is automatically enrolled onto the bursary scheme, so Michael and Charlie will review all applications and select their “Future Leader”.

The launch of this bursary reflects their interest in finding someone with a healthy “360 view of the music industry”. Everyone’s career starts somewhere, and we feel for the next “Future Leaders” of music, you’re not going to find a better place to start.

All applicants are asked to write a cover letter when applying for the MA, where they are asked to explain what they hope to achieve out of their year of study and their long-term goals. Applications for this year will be closing in mid-September. Find out more about how to apply for MA Music Industry Entrepreneurship here.

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