As a university embedded in the largest pro-music community in Europe, it is important for us as an educational institution to connect with universities and talent around the world, to expand our student and professional networks.

Backstage Academy was born in 2012 by Francesco Finch Russo and Federica Sciamanna, both professional musicians and educators. The academy began as a rehearsal room, and grew to a music centre; to finally a space and environment where all the needs of artists are satisfied, from creation, to practice, and even live performances. Francesco now acts as the CEO for the company, while Federica has taken over the role of coordinator. The essence of the Academy to help aspiring musicians achieve their music and career goals, Francesco explains, “from simple intuition, you can build your future”.

Today the group has expanded to Spain in addition to their space in Italy, and boasts more than 200 students in its program. It accommodates artists that want to study recording and production methods. They also host over 150 bands to make use of their top of the line recording studios, as well as video and photo studios that are used by events and production agencies operating all over Europe. International artists that use the space include Jojo Mayer, Benny Greb, and Aaron Spears.

Federica explains, “Italy is famous as a holiday paradise, good weather, good food, but we also have great musicians-to-be and young talent”.

In addition to Tileyard Education, Backstage Academy has partnered up with international brands such as Scuderie Capitani Music Academy (one of the most important drum academies in Italy), D’Addario, Tama, Zildjian, Promark, as well as many others.

Federica believes “our collaboration with Tileyard Education will open our students’ eyes and help them improve their skills…we want our students to have international connections and know that they are musicians, with real opportunities”.

We also caught up with Harry Leckstein, the Managing Director of Tileyard Education who is delighted with the partnership. He said:

“Studying songwriting, audio production and music business at Tileyard Education in London puts postgraduate students at the heart of the independent and international music industries. Our partnership with Backstage Academy provides Italian students, aspiring to study at Tileyard, with connectivity, support and strong, relevant networks – all the tools you need to build and grow a healthy career in the music and entertainment sectors.”

Watch this space for up and coming announcements on this exciting collaboration!

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