An intensive 1-day short course, delivered by Growthhakka CEO Zohe Mustafa, covering the essential strategies, tactics and deployment of SEO and Growth Hacking. Click for more.

This 1-day course covers:

How do search engines work?
• Short introduction to search engines
• Search spiders
• Links
• Indexing
• Ranking
• SEO facts and figures – Size of the Prize
• How important is SEO today, tomorrow?
• Search is still the biggest game in town – Millions of keyword combinations
• Internet visibility
• How important is it to be on first page of SERPs

On Site Optimization Demonstrated with Yoast
• What is on site optimization
• Google Keyword Research and General Keyword Strategy
• On site factors –
• Meta tags
• Keyword density
• Image alt text
• Outbound links
• Internal linking
• Slugs
• Internal on site search
• SEO copywriting, content strategy, operating like a publisher (content optimization)

Off Site Optimization
• What is off site optimization
• Off site factors
• Links
• Inspire to share
• Anchor text
• Forum posting
• Blog posting

SEO Tools
• Webmasters tools
• Analytics
• Keyword planner
• SEO marketing tools
• Website analysis tools
• Trend analysis tools
• Related keyword research tools