This practical weekend course, taught by commercial songwriters Penny Foster (Lana Del Ray, Sigala, TS7 ft Taylor Fowlis) and Emma Stakes (Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger, Craig David, X-Factor), offers a rare and detailed insight into the tools, techniques and best practice of writing commercial pop songs to brief.

The course also includes a group songwriting exercise to a commercial brief with recording tips and A&R feedback on songs written. A must have opportunity for aspiring artists and commercial songwriters.

Day 1

* Introduction to the course, tutor and students
* Examples of pitch-able songs that made the cut
* The building blocks of a song
* What is the Top Line?
* Writing from the “heart of the song”
* Key aspects of being a ‘top liner’
* How to unlock your highest potential
* How to capitalise on opportunities to monetise songs successfully
* Key stakeholders in commercial songs trade: A&R, labels, publishers, managers
* The concept of “writing to a brief”
* Examples of tracks sent from record & publishing companies.
* Examine briefs to work out what the client is looking for.
* Listen to current hit songs and cover different genres and styles
* Discuss the key components within the different genres that are essential to unlock melody, lyrics, original ideas, standout ideas

Day 2

* Hook writing, phrasing, expression, personality, structure, harmony
* How to keep focused and the importance of finishing an idea to standard
* Improvisation tools
* Sensing / showing how to get inspired (e.g. finding titles etc)
* Writing to a commercial group brief exercise
* Preparing the track to record
* Top-line writing while recording, trying out ideas
* Harmony Vocal tips Recording tips
* A&R feedback on song ideas
* Industry tips to get to the heart of the song under the time pressure
* How to record a song to get a finished demo, guiding the producer
* Play back songs and discuss final thoughts and future plans and goals