One of Tileyard Education’s soon to graduate MA Music Industry Entrepreneurship students, Aaron Watts, is now working under Richard Hannan, Executive Vice President of the label Big Indie (UK). Big Indie is an innovative American music company that includes a record label, music publishing, a recording studio, and music management based out of Austin, Texas. Big Indie’s international office is based at Tileyard, a perfect location to grow European networks.

We caught up with Aaron to as ask how it’s been working at Big Indie for the last 6 months, Aaron said:

“it’s been an amazing experience and I’ve been learning so much”.

Aaron said that in choosing where to do his masters he took a close look at Tileyard Education’s location and resources. He says,

“I took it here instead of another university because of the environment, it’s right here in the middle of the industry.”

Just a few weeks ago Aaron was sent to Hamburg, Germany as a Big Indie representative to attend the Reeperbahn Fesitval. There, Aaron was scouting new artists, as well as attending wider industry meetings.

We asked Richard his reasoning behind sending Aaron to Germany alone and he answered;

“it’s all about knowing the marketplace, sounds, and trends. That’s why it’s good for Aaron to be on the line and in the thick of it”.

We also asked Richard what it’s been like working with Aaron, he said:

“It’s been excellent, he’s been given a lot of responsibility, and while I oversee him, he is expected to handle a lot of it on his own and do his own thing. He has a masters from Tileyard Education so I expect he knows what he’s doing—and he does!”  he laughs. “He’s very diligent. He can take things on board and do it on his own.”

Aaron’s day to consists of “various things” which include digital marketing, social media management, A&R tasks and organizing Big Indie Nights, “Breaking New Music” sponsored by DIY Magazine.

Big Indie Nights, “Breaking New Music” sponsored by DIY Magazine, are a series of events that run on the second Wednesday of every month at Two Tribes Brewery. The nights are a way to spotlight emerging talent.

We asked Richard the future of the relationship between him and Aaron, he didn’t give away too much, but said some big talks should be happening once Aaron graduates this month.

He is looking for another Tileyard Education student to join them next year, and believe Aaron would be perfect to manage the intern, as he will be:

“a good mediator between the two worlds”.

Big Indie are on a role of new releases recently, and have just hit Spotify’s new music Friday ‘NMF’ UK playlist today with their latest Big Indie Release “Even in My Dreams” by FOURS

Richard said:

“Aaron has been pivotal in the delivery process on this campaign” Richard Hannan EVP Big Indie Records.”

We can’t wait to keep in touch with Richard and Aaron and see how this relationship continues to grow into the future.

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